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Image Requested Upon Full Network Deployment Package Deployment


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When the target machine boots to SmartDeploy's boot environment, does it have an IP address in the bottom right corner? The answer file is supposed to be part of the package, but usually when it can't access the image, there is a network/credential issue.

You could try creating the answer file via the Deploy Wizard. i.e. Click Deploy an image, proceed to the summary page, then export your answer file there. This would ensure the mapping process is done correctly from the target machine.


SmartDeploy Support

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On 9/16/2016 at 2:55 PM, cseitz said:

No luck. It is still requesting an image to be selected even though I included an image using the wizard. I will attempt this again to ensure I did not make a mistake. 

I know it's been 4 years so I hope you found a resolution!  but just in case someone elese end up on this tread like me, I will add my resolution to this same problem... when I got this pop about providing a path to the image... if you cancel de deployement from that pop up, it bring you back to a menu, with an option to open DOS prompt... I used this to manually map my drive (with the command  NET USE * \\) ... I was then prompted to enter an admin user name and PW, and boom my drive got maped, I was able to close the Dos prompt and go on with the installation... after that, what I found, is Files and printer sharing was turned off on my Pc (Win10 Ent) running my SmartDeploy console. 

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