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Found 9 results

  1. Howdy, When I deploy a Deployment Package (including image) the target host boots into smart deploy but then requests an image to be selected. Isn't this image supposed to be a part of the package? Apologies if I'm missing something simple here.
  2. I am relatively new to this product and figuring things out as I go but is there any way to see where a deployment is within the process? I have one deployment that has been deploying for over 4 hours where others have only taken an hour to an hour and a half. There is a log created but it contains no information. We have roaming profiles saved to network drives and there isn't much data stored locally. I just want to know if the process is failing and if so where. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, When we are deploying our images across our WAN to multiple computers, it is taking around 6-8 hours per machine to apply the image. I realise this all down to bandwidth, image size (ours is 13GB), etc. but i was wondering if the following would work: We have local servers at each site, and we were wondering if it is possible to copy the image to these local servers and deploy the images that way - saving on bandwidth and allowing for machines to image quicker? I realise this is a long shot, but has anyone else come across this? Hope you can help. Cheers Stephen
  4. I tried to capture an image today and it took over 2 hours. Everything seems slow, creating an bootable media is also taking about 2 hours. The PC we have Smartdeploy running on is an i5 quadcore and has 20gb of RAM. I can't seem to see where this slowness is coming from.
  5. Hi all, Hoping someone can help me out here. Whenever I deploy an image, it is applying the United States system locale, even though my template machine is set to United Kingdom. There isn't a system locale setting when creating the image, so I have tried to replace the regional settings in the .xml file from the following: <regional_settings skip="0"> <time_zone>(GMT) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London</time_zone> <input_locale>English (United Kingdom)</input_locale> </regional_settings> to this: <regional_settings> <time_zone>(GMT) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London</time_zone> <input_locale> <ui_language>en-GB</ui_language> <system_locale>en-GB</system_locale> <user_locale>en-GB</user_locale> <input_locale>en-GB</input_locale> </input_locale> </regional_settings> Has anyone come across this issue and managed to resolve it? My computer template is Windows 10 Pro. Please help. Thanks, Stephen
  6. Has anyone ever tried to image an Intel Compute Stick? This is a great tiny pc that we use for conferences and presentations but it's a pain to set every one of them up manually. http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/compute-stick/intel-compute-stick.html let me know!
  7. Just updated our imaging sticks (we do usb sticks for imaging new computers) and Smartdeploy shows "Cancelling" during image deployment. Then an error "An error occurred while applying the image" Any thoughts? I am recreating the SD image now to see if I just had a bad file... thanks, Steve
  8. Hello, When I deploy a Deployment Package (including image) the target host boots into smart deploy but then requests an image to be selected. I have attempted to complete the Deployment Package Wizard Answer File as well as build it all separately to no avail. Isn't this image supposed to be a part of the package?
  9. Hello DeployCentral Forum! This question goes out for anyone experiencing odd behavior from an Offline Deployment Media (USB). OS: XP SP3 During the media wizard, I select the Image File, Platform Pack and my Unattended Answer File. Once I click next, it asks if I want the wizard to update the answer file with the image file details...I click YES. Once I boot off of the USB, here comes my First issue, I receive the Welcome screen. In my answer file LINE#3 <welcome skip="1"> I have this set to "SKIP". I then click "Deploy Image" in the Welcome Screen and then comes my Second Issue, I am asked to select an Image File. I do so (Z:\WinXP.wim) and the image loads fine... PlatformPack seems to have loaded fine...no driver issues in the Device Manager. Answer File: -<smartdeploy version="1.1" version_debug="1.1.1980"> -<deploy_wizard mode="Unattended"> -<welcome skip="1"> <hide_options_button>true</hide_options_button> </welcome> -<select_image skip="1"> <image_file/> <image_name/> </select_image> -<disk_options skip="1"> -<!-- 0 = Recreate drives, 1 = Wipe & load drives, 2 = SmartMigrate --> <disk_option>0</disk_option> </disk_options> -<product_key skip="1"> <product_key/> </product_key> -<end_user_license_agreement skip="1"> <accept_eula>false</accept_eula> </end_user_license_agreement> -<user_information skip="1"> <full_name>Honda Federal Credit Union</full_name> <organization_name>Honda Federal Credit Union</organization_name> </user_information> -<regional_settings skip="1"> <time_zone>(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)</time_zone> <input_locale>English (United States)</input_locale> </regional_settings> -<display_settings skip="1"> <resolution>Auto Detect</resolution> <color_depth>Auto Detect</color_depth> <refresh_rate>Auto Detect</refresh_rate> </display_settings> -<network_tcpip_settings skip="1"> -<ipv4> -<!-- 0 = Obtain an IP address automatically, 1 = Use the following IP address --> <static>0</static> <ip_address/> <subnet_mask/> <default_gateway/> <preferred_dns_server/> <alternate_dns_server/> <preferred_wins_server/> <alternate_wins_server/> </ipv4> </network_tcpip_settings> -<network_identification skip="1"> <computer_name>XP-IMAGE</computer_name> -<!-- 0 = Domain, 1 = Workgroup --> <membership>1</membership> <domain/> -<domain_options> <option/> </domain_options> <organizational_unit/> -<organizational_unit_options> <option/> </organizational_unit_options> <workgroup>XP</workgroup> </network_identification> -<join_domain_credentials skip="1"> <username/> <domain/> <password/> </join_domain_credentials> -<wds_credentials> <server/> <username/> <domain/> <password/> </wds_credentials> -<summary skip="1"> <hide_export_button>false</hide_export_button> </summary> <completion/> -<advanced_options> -<general> <platform_pack/> -<system_properties> <system_property enabled="0">DISABLE_SYSTEM_RESTORE</system_property> <system_property enabled="1">RESTORE_DRIVE_LETTERS</system_property> <system_property enabled="1">ENABLE_ADMINISTRATOR_ACCOUNT</system_property> <system_property enabled="1">PRESERVE_CRASH_CONTROL_SETTINGS</system_property> <system_property enabled="1">PRESERVE_DESKTOP_ICONS</system_property> </system_properties> <reboot_after_deployment>true</reboot_after_deployment> </general> -<identification> -<!-- 0 = Assign a new computer name automatically, 1 = Use the following naming method --> <naming_mode>0</naming_mode> -<naming_methods> <method>CUSTOM</method> <method>EXISTING</method> <method>WMI</method> </naming_methods> <custom_naming_scheme>XP-IMAGE#</custom_naming_scheme> <prefix/> <wmi_query>SELECT SMBIOSAssetTag FROM Win32_SystemEnclosure</wmi_query> </identification> -<migration> <protected_folder>Backup</protected_folder> <virtualization_platform/> <create_desktop_shortcut>false</create_desktop_shortcut> <files_to_exclude/> </migration> <tasks/> </advanced_options> -<settings> <active_directory/> <network_shares/> +<proxy_server> <proxy_server_url/> <username/> <password/> </proxy_server> <session_id/> <unattend_delay>10</unattend_delay> </settings> </deploy_wizard> <image_file>[AnswerFolder]\z\WinXP.wim</image_file> <platform_pack/> </smartdeploy> Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you, 'NetAdmin73
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