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  1. Hi Jake, Sorry to hear you're experiencing download issues with Platform Packs. In your firewall settings, please be sure the following URLS are whitelisted: *.smartdeploy.com smartdeploy.azureedge.net Also, we have seen anti-virus on the SmartDeploy host interfere with Platform Pack downloads, so if you haven't already, try fully disabling any anti-virus and attempt to download. If you still have issues, send us your C:\SmartDeploy\Logs\Console.log and C:\Windows\System32\winevt\Logs\Application.evtx (zipped) to support@smartdeploy.com. Please refer to this thread. Thank
  2. Hi Aaron, There's really not much of a difference from a SmartDeploy standpoint. If you're running a large number of clients (we're talking 500+ at least), then a server might be a better fit for network capacity reasons, or you might wish to run the Windows Deployment Services (WDS) server role on the same host as SmartDeploy. A PC may be more accessible for creating USB media, but there's no specific reason why this has to be the case (you can just as easily plug a USB stick into a server as a PC). With respect to the software itself, either environment is supported, and there is no sp
  3. Hi Aaron, So the issue came back? Please send us your latest C:\SmartDeploy\Logs\Media.log from the SmartDeploy host to support@smartdeploy.com and reference this thread and I can take a look. Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  4. Worked with Aaron to get this resolved. If anyone in the future has this issue, please try the following: In file explorer, browse to %temp%. Delete all files/folders out of that directory and reattempt to create your boot media. Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  5. Hi Aaron, I was able to create media with your answer file, which leads me to believe it's not related to the answer file. I assume this happens with every answer file you create? Can you post your C:\SmartDeploy\Logs\Console.log from the SmartDeploy host? Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  6. Hi Aaron, Please send us your C:\SmartDeploy\Logs\Media.log from the SmartDeploy host and we can see what is causing the error. Support@smartdeploy.com. You can refer to this thread. Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  7. I have reached out regarding your ticket to resolve this quicker. Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  8. Hi Aaron, If you haven't seen, we have a built in way to create Office Application Packs https://www.smartdeploy.com/pages/deploy-office365-in-two-ways/ If you still want to troubleshoot your pack, email support@smartdeploy.com and reference this thread. I'll create a share for you to upload your pack and I can test locally. Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  9. Hi Robert, I replied to your ticket you sent to support. Once I can take a look at the logs we can see what is causing that error along with the sysprep issues. Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  10. Hello, Do other Application Packs deploy successfully or are you only having issues with this specific pack? On the endpoint, browse to C:\Windows\System32\winevt\Logs\Application.evtx. That should tell you if the Application Pack is getting extracted and perhaps why it's not installing. If you still have issues, send us your C:\Windows\SysWoW64\SmartDeploy\Clientservice.console.log from the endpoint to support@smartdeploy.com and we can take a look at what is causing the Application Pack to fail. Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  11. Hi cblack, Client upgrade should occur without any intervention required on your part, so I would just say give it a bit longer and see if those endpoints upgrade and report in on their own. If they do not, then there may be some underlying connectivity issue on your network that we'll need to troubleshoot further. We'll reach out via email to open a support ticket. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  12. Hi David, We've reached out via email to investigate this issue further. -Chris M. SmartDeploy Support
  13. Hi Jay, This may be a timing issue between when the machine is establishing a network connection and when it's attempting to join the domain. Try changing the task to First Logon and then logon with an administrator account with TPM enabled. If you still have issues, send us an email at support@smartdeploy.com and we can request some logs and take a look. Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  14. Could you please submit your c:\smartdeploy\logs\media.log from the machine where you ran the Media Wizard to us in a new ticket then? https://support.smartdeploy.com/support/tickets/new
  15. You'll just need to create your boot or deployment media with the Media Wizard, and have only this platform pack selected. That will add the storage driver into the boot environment, and should allow the drive to show up as Disk 0 when booted. The reason it has to be only this pack is because the new style driver doesn't work if the old style driver is also present.
  16. Hi Brad, Just to clarify you want to send your image (made with SmartDeploy) to a manufacture for them to apply the image and drivers to machines? You could ship them an offline USB which would contain everything needed to deploy. Or you could send them the image via USB/Internet share, then the manufacture could install SmartDeploy and create offline USB media on their end. https://support.smartdeploy.com/support/solutions/articles/48000960965-create-usb-media If that's not what you're trying to accomplish, let me know and if you could provide a bit more detail that could be helpful
  17. From there reboot or shutdown the machine as necessary. Then boot the machine to a SmartDeploy USB stick.
  18. Hi Brad, Good question! I can tell you, our current recommendation is to install the SmartDeploy console onto another computer if that makes it easier to create USB media. So you don't need to walk to a server in another office, as long as you have another computer at your office where you can install the console. From a licensing standpoint, this is fine, as SmartDeploy is licensed per deployed endpoint, and there is no restriction on installing the console on multiple hosts as needed. Creating some sort of light, Media-Wizard-only version of the console has been suggested before, but a
  19. Hi Brad, Sounds like it's crashing during mini-setup, and we'd need to review log files to see. Once it gets to the point where it's stuck at the logon screen, forcefully reboot it to SmartDeploy. Cancel any unattended deployment, on the splash screen click where it says to Collect Logs. Save the resulting .zip to USB or network and submit those to us in a new ticket. https://support.smartdeploy.com/support/tickets/new
  20. Hi David, The answer file definitely isn't "losing" credentials (if you access the XML file from within PE, you'll find the credentials hashed there as expected, assuming you used the same media for all 5 laptops), but there are several reasons why this sort of failure might occur. I'll go ahead and give you a KB article in case it's helpful for future reference: https://support.smartdeploy.com/support/solutions/articles/48001166138-prompted-for-image-location-during-unattended-deployment For your specific scenario, you've actually ruled out quite a bit with the details you have th
  21. Hi Dareman, We will need to take a look at a log from the endpoint. Can you send us your C:\Windows\SysWoW64\SmartDeploy\Clientservice.console.log to support@smartdeploy.com? Please reference this thread. Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  22. Hi Aaron, Using the short hostname for this would be ideal. The client should attempt to connect for 5 minutes (as if on a local network), and once it fails to reach the hostname, it should then reach out to our cloud services, and it should appear in the console shortly, with a connection type of Cloud. If that is not occurring, then we'll need to troubleshoot that further - go ahead and reach out to support and we'll be happy to assist further. support@smartdeploy.com Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  23. Good to hear! Have a good day! Devon SmartDeploy Support
  24. Hi all, Aaron is correct - USB passthrough to a VM is tricky and often difficult to make work as a practical matter. Easiest to just install another SmartDeploy console instance onto a physical computer. SmartDeploy is licensed per deployed VM, so if you do decide to purchase the software, you are free to install the console on as many computers as needed. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to support@smartdeploy.com. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  25. Hi Rober, Error message 1231 means the network location cannot be reached, which makes sense if you're not receiving an IP address in the SmartDeploy boot environment. Be sure when you created your boot media you selected the Platform Pack for the machine you're attempting to deploy to. That will inject the Ethernet driver into the boot.wim so you get an IP address in the boot environment. If you have done that and still not getting an IP address, send us an email at support@smartdeploy.com and we can take a look. Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
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