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  2. Hi Jeff, Have you been able to come up with the 8080 solution? I have an app on my server that I can't move that uses port 8080
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  4. Is it possible to capture an image without running from a VM?
  5. Odd because this error happened more with version 3 then previous. Just a little frustrating right now.
  6. This error typically indicates a problem with one or more files in the file system of your Reference VM. For example. we know that any files partially synchronized in OneDrive on a Ref VM will throw this error. Installing A/V on the Ref VM is another culprit, but it can depend on a number of things. The first thing to try is a warm capture. Sometimes this helps avoid the error, however if it persists, then we'd ask to go over what's installed on the VM, and what specific changes/configurations were made to the OS/Apps. Capture an Image from a Running Virtual Machine - Warm Capture : Support Center (smartdeploy.com)
  7. I am getting this error when trying to capture an image. I am using the newest version.
  8. Hi Ric76, We'll follow up via email - we'd like to troubleshoot this further. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  9. I am having issues deploying Device Driver updates to my systems. It only deployed to my Admin Machine but not the rest of the department. Users do get the message and select either continue or defer for up to 60 minutes. If they select continue the message gos away and nothing happens, but it does say Installing Updates from my SD Console, but never finishes. Do you think there could be a policy standing in the way? Would you know by any chance which policy it may be. Thanks.
  10. Please reach out to Support so we can look up your account, and check your subscription level and check things on our end.
  11. I honestly have no idea what version of SD we're running, but looking at the feature list I feel like we must have, at least, the lowest version necessary to use Message History. However any time I try to view the message history of a client it tells me it's not enabled and provides a link to buy software. Any assistance would be great! Thanks.
  12. Ugh I should have checked first. This PC has been on.....since the last entry in SD log. reboot will fix it. I'm guessing this is the case with all my MIA devices in SD.
  13. Found one. Sent log. I will also research, but appreciate the 2nd pair of eyes. cheers guys
  14. You know I may have made a mistake on this one, at least for the machine in question (mine), as I just realized I have/had the SD agent AND another SD client installed. Oops. I will track down a true offline/but on machine and report back. Thanks again.
  15. Hello, Please send us the following log from an endpoint that has gone offline and then not returned: C:\Program Files\SmartDeploy\ClientService\SDClientService.log That should provide us with more information. Send to support@smartdeploy.com and refer to this thread when you submit it. Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  16. Just seeing if anyone else has seen this / has ideas, I get some agents that don't check in for a long time. For some, not a big deal, maybe a laptop thats off, sometimes fixed after a reboot. But my laptop that never leans my office, just rebooted this AM and still showing offline since 8/23, it's running the latest version, service is running. Thoughts? TL;DR Agents are going offline for a long time and don't come back
  17. This is a v3 bug that we are working to fix in the next release. It has to do with the length of time that has passed since the media was created. For now, recreate your boot media via the Media Wizard and boot from it. You should not receive that error anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  18. Same Version Same Error Message as Preben when booting in WinPE Console starts fine Rebooted server same message
  19. It's not the console - it's in WinPE (see attached screenshot). The console had and has no problem. I have tried to restart the API service on our server but the result is still the same in WinPE.
  20. The SmartDeploy console is attempting to reach our services at api.smartdeploy.com. Check to see if that URL needs white-listing from any SSL Inspection or other filtering please, and restart the SmartDeploy API Service and try opening the console again.
  21. The problem is here again this morning (Central European Time).
  22. There was a service interruption this morning (8/24/21) - It is resolved now.
  23. Have the same issue here. Worked without any problem until last week. Now I cannot login nor starting an installation.
  24. We're in touch with Nate via email, but for anyone else who runs into this issue: Update to the latest version of SmartDeploy, recreate your media, and retry deployment. If the issue persists, grab a logset from the same PE session (if you can) and email us at support@smartdeploy.com, or submit a ticket via the support form. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  25. We have recently upgraded to V3 and now have an error that we have not seen before. "The smartdeploy instance has not been able to establish communication with the smartdeploy license server for more than 30 days. Please contact your account manager or sales.” We are deploying Windows 10 via a USB stick that processes an answer file with references to the image in OneDrive. Our SmartDeploy server is running on a VM on-prem. This has worked for years on v2. Can someone help with what's going on here? Thx.
  26. The resolution was to use the Tools Tab in the SmartDeploy console and click "Generate Client Installer". This is a new requirement in Version 3. WOuld have been helpful information to have. Using this generated installation file, it installed successfully.
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