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  2. Thank you, I believe the countdown could have been the issue.
  3. Hi David, The answer file definitely isn't "losing" credentials (if you access the XML file from within PE, you'll find the credentials hashed there as expected, assuming you used the same media for all 5 laptops), but there are several reasons why this sort of failure might occur. I'll go ahead and give you a KB article in case it's helpful for future reference: https://support.smartdeploy.com/support/solutions/articles/48001166138-prompted-for-image-location-during-unattended-deployment For your specific scenario, you've actually ruled out quite a bit with the details you have th
  4. Is there a reason why answer file is either losing credentials at deployment or does it work whenever it feels like it? I deployed 5 laptops 2 out of the 5 worked. I did net use * \\computername\c$\smartdeploy which worked. But I do not want to do this for 500 computers. Is there a fix for this or a cause?
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  6. Update: After working with SmartDeploy support, a reboot of the host ended up getting my cloud client to show up in the console. Thanks for your help! I just hope that a host reboot wont be necessary every time I join a cloud-deployed client to my corporate domain. I'm guessing this instance was just a coincidence.
  7. Hi Dareman, We will need to take a look at a log from the endpoint. Can you send us your C:\Windows\SysWoW64\SmartDeploy\Clientservice.console.log to support@smartdeploy.com? Please reference this thread. Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  8. Hello, After a cloud deployment to an offsite client, I renamed the computer and joined it to my corporate domain. Since then, the client wont connect to the console. VPN's not connected and I rebooted. And I'm waiting plenty of time after a reboot to check the console. Just wondering if there's a known issue afoot here, or whether someone can advise on troubleshooting. I have the client laptop here with me at my house.
  9. I know it's been 4 years so I hope you found a resolution! but just in case someone elese end up on this tread like me, I will add my resolution to this same problem... when I got this pop about providing a path to the image... if you cancel de deployement from that pop up, it bring you back to a menu, with an option to open DOS prompt... I used this to manually map my drive (with the command NET USE * \\) ... I was then prompted to enter an admin user name and PW, and boom my drive got maped, I was able to close the Dos prompt and go on with the installation... after that, what I found, is
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  11. Chris: Are their any plans for SmartDeploy 3.0 to provide tools to confirm successful deployment an application package? Since my organization started using SDP last summer, we have experienced several "software is missing" incidents in our teaching labs. While it's easy to re-push a package to the affected workstation, it's extremely time consuming to verify an application push to a multi-seat lab of up to 50-60 seats. Not to mention, we can run the risk of impacting a class by not having the software available when needed. If anyone has any suggestions on how they addressed this
  12. Did you go into Settings of SmartDeploy and change the drive location? That is most likely the issue.
  13. When you create your SDClientSetup.msi package, make sure that you're using the non-FQDN hostname of your console host, and not an IP, or otherwise any other externally resolvable name/IP. The client needs to fail to reach your console host on the network, so that it switches to connect to our cloud broker service. Cloud clients should appear in the console 10 minutes after starting, however sometimes there can be delays upwards of about 25 minutes. Sometimes restarting the console host can force a 'nudge' of the agent that monitors your cloud clients table and get it to refresh faster.
  14. Hi Aaron, Using the short hostname for this would be ideal. The client should attempt to connect for 5 minutes (as if on a local network), and once it fails to reach the hostname, it should then reach out to our cloud services, and it should appear in the console shortly, with a connection type of Cloud. If that is not occurring, then we'll need to troubleshoot that further - go ahead and reach out to support and we'll be happy to assist further. support@smartdeploy.com Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  15. HI, I'm testing cloud deployment for a new client, and can't seem to get the remote computer added to my console. I've tried using my public IP and local hostname when running the client installer. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  16. I'm having issues creating Media to boot. This happened just recently that I added a 2nd drive and moved the SmartDeploy Folder to it. When ready to extract SMRTPE image it gives an error "Media Wizard, An Exception has Occurred. Media Wizard Will Now Close" It was working before and now it's not, any advice? Thanks in advance. Media.log
  17. @Brady I believe you can if you run the server component on each technician PC. I would recommend purchasing the server for each technician if you don't want a pop-up on the server to keep showing. It's $49/server PC
  18. Thanks very much for the tip!! I'll definitely look into this as a possible solution. Is it possible for multiple end points to be able to do this to a single server? I'll lay out our scenario and maybe there's another way I'm just not seeing.. 3 technicians in different states will be deploying machines, but we want to keep a centralized repository of images and answer files so when changes are made, we only have to do it in one location. I don't know if there's other facets to this that I need to plan for, but we really are totally new to imaging.
  19. Good to hear! Have a good day! Devon SmartDeploy Support
  20. How about even allowing a remote console app. Everything still runs on the main server, techs just have an app that connects to it to do their work. Almost like another client/server situation.
  21. Try VirtualHere. It's free for 1 USB Port forward. You will need to install the client on your VM and a server onto a machine you have access to.
  22. I use VirtualHere to manage this. In my case, the system running SmartDeploy is across the building, but I use the USB ports of my local desktop. Should work between VM and Real computers also. It is free for 1 USB Port connection.
  23. There was my error, I selected platform pack and all worked. Thanks por all!
  24. Hi all, Aaron is correct - USB passthrough to a VM is tricky and often difficult to make work as a practical matter. Easiest to just install another SmartDeploy console instance onto a physical computer. SmartDeploy is licensed per deployed VM, so if you do decide to purchase the software, you are free to install the console on as many computers as needed. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to support@smartdeploy.com. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  25. That's true. I had the original instance installed on my work laptop, but in an effort to centralize the solution so multiple technicians in multiple locations could deploy images, our Rep suggested we spin the main console up on the server. W/out having any experience with imaging solutions, it's difficult to come up with 'outside the box' thoughts because I don't have any foundation to even theorize from, but I thank you for the prompt response, Aaron
  26. Brady, I wish I had an answer for you but you cannot. However, you can install SmartDeploy to another workstation, create your image and then write it to USB. That is what I do if I need to boot from USB.
  27. I'm absolutely new to imaging and I'm having to find a workaround for this issue. I have the console running on a VM in Hyper-V so I'm unable to 'pass-through' the thumb drive to the console machine. I need to create bootable media because I don't intend to spin up a new machine, install the deployment agent, and THEN push the deployment. I need to image a machine from boot. What's the best option (and steps) to creating a deployment package WIM and then creating a bootable thumb drive that's going to be able to utilize that WIM? I'm hoping I can get a faster response on here than I
  28. Thanks for quick reply! I will try it tomorrow because i didnĀ“t this step. With the result notice you, thanks!
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