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Found 11 results

  1. Howdy, When I deploy a Deployment Package (including image) the target host boots into smart deploy but then requests an image to be selected. Isn't this image supposed to be a part of the package? Apologies if I'm missing something simple here.
  2. Hi all, When we are deploying our images across our WAN to multiple computers, it is taking around 6-8 hours per machine to apply the image. I realise this all down to bandwidth, image size (ours is 13GB), etc. but i was wondering if the following would work: We have local servers at each site, and we were wondering if it is possible to copy the image to these local servers and deploy the images that way - saving on bandwidth and allowing for machines to image quicker? I realise this is a long shot, but has anyone else come across this? Hope you can help. Cheers Stephen
  3. I've been trying to build WDS boot media based on Win 10 x64 1709. I've captured the image and created the media, but when I go to import it into WDS, I get an "Invalid Image File" which says that the file doesn't contain a valid boot image. I've started the process from scratch a number of times with the same result.
  4. We have a need for a USB flash drive that has bootable Windows 7. The goal is to be able to boot and run Windows 7 from this USB 3.0 flash drive. Can SmartDeploy do this for us? Very best regards, Iver Nielsen
  5. I am having an issue with deploying windows 10 x64 Pro update 1607 to a PC with UEFI Native mode with secure boot enabled. Is anyone else having this issue?
  6. Just updated our imaging sticks (we do usb sticks for imaging new computers) and Smartdeploy shows "Cancelling" during image deployment. Then an error "An error occurred while applying the image" Any thoughts? I am recreating the SD image now to see if I just had a bad file... thanks, Steve
  7. Hello, When I deploy a Deployment Package (including image) the target host boots into smart deploy but then requests an image to be selected. I have attempted to complete the Deployment Package Wizard Answer File as well as build it all separately to no avail. Isn't this image supposed to be a part of the package?
  8. I'm booting from a USB and when SmartDeploy starts it comes up with error "Unable to locate license file". I've already reformatted my USB, disable my AV, repaired SmartDeploy. I thought even with the trial version I would be able to deploy. Please advise.
  9. Hello, I was just wondering if there was any support available for deploying Microsoft Surface Pro 3's using SmartDeploy? Thanks! Drew
  10. We just purchased Smart Deploy. Before Smart Deploy, I used MDT 2010 to create a backup wim image for each pc. I want to know if there is a way to deploy those wim images to a new pc using Smart Deploy?
  11. Here are some handy logs and locations to check out if you run into any deployment issues. You can always view the following logs in: C:\Windows\Debug - Deploy.log is created by SmartDeploy Enterprise and will show you deployment errors that may have occurred with SmartDeploy. - Netseteup.log will show any issues with the deployed machine joining the domain. If you are running windows 7, the windows setup logs are located in C:\Windows\Panther If you are having issues with drivers on your deployed machine, be sure to check out C:\Platform\Dism.txt. This log will show you what occurred during driver injection. Of course, if you run into any issues when using SmartDeploy Enterprise, we'll be glad to help!
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