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Just seeing if anyone else has seen this / has ideas, I get some agents that don't check in for a long time. For some, not a big deal, maybe a laptop thats off, sometimes fixed after a reboot. But my laptop that never leans my office, just rebooted this AM and still showing offline since 8/23, it's running the latest version, service is running. Thoughts?

TL;DR Agents are going offline for a long time and don't come back

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Please send us the following log from an endpoint that has gone offline and then not returned:

C:\Program Files\SmartDeploy\ClientService\SDClientService.log

That should provide us with more information. Send to support@smartdeploy.com and refer to this thread when you submit it.




SmartDeploy Support

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You know I may have made a mistake on this one, at least for the machine in question (mine), as I just realized I have/had the SD agent AND another SD client installed. Oops. I will track down a true offline/but on machine and report back. Thanks again.

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