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  1. Ugh I should have checked first. This PC has been on.....since the last entry in SD log. reboot will fix it. I'm guessing this is the case with all my MIA devices in SD.
  2. Found one. Sent log. I will also research, but appreciate the 2nd pair of eyes. cheers guys
  3. You know I may have made a mistake on this one, at least for the machine in question (mine), as I just realized I have/had the SD agent AND another SD client installed. Oops. I will track down a true offline/but on machine and report back. Thanks again.
  4. Just seeing if anyone else has seen this / has ideas, I get some agents that don't check in for a long time. For some, not a big deal, maybe a laptop thats off, sometimes fixed after a reboot. But my laptop that never leans my office, just rebooted this AM and still showing offline since 8/23, it's running the latest version, service is running. Thoughts? TL;DR Agents are going offline for a long time and don't come back
  5. Thanks Glenn, this is exactly what I needed sir
  6. Is there a way to prevent SD from auto updating clients when the server is updated? My employer is telling me it's causing bandwidth issues. I updated to the recent update and when it pushed out to our remote site I guess it slowed things down. So ideally I need a way to throttle and/or control how fast the agents update. Also, only because I'm being asked, is there a way to know the size of the update from 3.0.1000 to 3.0.1005 ?I would assume tiny
  7. I have all my other groups, but the main one is gone. Anyone else?
  8. Did you update SmartDeploy? there was a recent update I think (3.x). Just my 2 cents.
  9. This is just incase it's helpful to someone else, mods / Jeff feel free to move/delete/edit. I'm not huge on SD's deployment method for 3rd party apps (eg 7zip, or whatever). I don't want to deploy version 1.1 of a program but the latest. Also I want to keep them up to date, this seem tedious with SD, maybe I'm using it wrong. I am used to software like 'automate' by connectwise that let me control/update/script my endpoints all day and dynamically. So my solution to this was to buy a software called UCheck by Adlice, they're a French company and I like their software. Alternative to this would be something like Ninite, which is pretty expensive. UCheck is like $50/yr and I can use it on unlimited PC's, it also supports way more apps than SD (I believe, I'm 90% sure on this). Here is a quick list of steps I took after buying the TECH version of UCheck; 1. Make a Powershell script to check/scan/update (whatever you want) using Ucheck. 2. Make a tech license with ucheck (the license you buy wont work, you need to open the GUI and generate a license) 3. I keep my exe on a share, this is also where my PS script looks for ucheck.exe (and the license file) 4. Make an application pack that runs the PS script Obviously there is a bit more to this setup, but these are the main 4 steps, and the end result is me being able to update/deploy/check for updates and log the results using SmartDeploy and Ucheck. If anyone wants more details on steps let me know.
  10. O365 can take forever to install if it downloads from the cloud. I've seen 4 hours regardless of connection speed, has to do with Microsoft servers. Rare I see that long these days but figured I'd give my 2 cents
  11. Thanks Jeff, that helped me a lot actually. To be fair I did a mass upgrade so I expected some to break.
  12. C:\windows\syswow64\smartdeploy Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products\XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Whichever one says smartdeploy.
  13. Nvm, I think I got this working. Deleted all regkeys that were related to SD and the C:\windows\smartdeploy folder Think it's working now
  14. I've got a few machines that won't update. Can't uninstall v2 because msi claims it's not installed, can't install v3 because it wants to uninstall v2, according to logs. Wondering if anyone else has seen this?
  15. Ugh. Your version works, but not with 4.0. Explains why I am having issues, I did this with 3.0 without issue a while back. Still gives error -2. If I make progress I will update here
  16. Ah nice! Thanks sir. I'll check this out and report back.
  17. I have an msi that works fine and works fine with /qn (it's Dell command update if anyone cares) When I deploy the MSI via SD, I get "Return Value(s): -2" in eventvwr. I actually had this working at one point, but it only worked for 1 time. I've tested in VM's and actual machines with no luck. Figured I'd see if anyone had a 2nd opinion. My end goal is to; 1. Deploy SD with GPO (done) 2. Deploy DCU with SD (what I'm trying now) I've done plenty of MSI installs through GPO so I'm hoping this is a SD specific issue? I know SD can do drivers and I will test this feature, I just like have DCU installed as well.
  18. Definitely take Jeff's advice over mine, but you could probably try RDP USB passthrough. Plug USB into PC with USB ports, RDP into the server, but make sure you go to 'show options', local resources, more, then drives (this is within the initial RDP window) then your USB will show up on the remote server. EDIT: Don't try this it doesn't work 😃
  19. Just create the media (ISO) and save it on a network share. Then use RUFUS on a machine with USB ports.
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