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  1. Ugh. Your version works, but not with 4.0. Explains why I am having issues, I did this with 3.0 without issue a while back. Still gives error -2. If I make progress I will update here
  2. Ah nice! Thanks sir. I'll check this out and report back.
  3. I have an msi that works fine and works fine with /qn (it's Dell command update if anyone cares) When I deploy the MSI via SD, I get "Return Value(s): -2" in eventvwr. I actually had this working at one point, but it only worked for 1 time. I've tested in VM's and actual machines with no luck. Figured I'd see if anyone had a 2nd opinion. My end goal is to; 1. Deploy SD with GPO (done) 2. Deploy DCU with SD (what I'm trying now) I've done plenty of MSI installs through GPO so I'm hoping this is a SD specific issue? I know SD can do drivers and I will test thi
  4. Definitely take Jeff's advice over mine, but you could probably try RDP USB passthrough. Plug USB into PC with USB ports, RDP into the server, but make sure you go to 'show options', local resources, more, then drives (this is within the initial RDP window) then your USB will show up on the remote server. EDIT: Don't try this it doesn't work 😃
  5. Just create the media (ISO) and save it on a network share. Then use RUFUS on a machine with USB ports.
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