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Throttle/Delay smart deploy agent updates


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Is there a way to prevent SD from auto updating clients when the server is updated? My employer is telling me it's causing bandwidth issues. I updated to the recent update and when it pushed out to our remote site I guess it slowed things down. So ideally I need a way to throttle and/or control how fast the agents update.


Also, only because I'm being asked, is there a way to know the size of the update from 3.0.1000 to 3.0.1005 ?I would assume tiny

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Hi DJ,

The 3.0.1005 installer is not too large - about 97MB. Assuming the endpoints at the remote site are connected with a Cloud connection type (which they probably should be), then it shouldn't bog down the connection between offices, but rather, each endpoint would individually reach out to your cloud storage provider to download the installer. If the clients are connected with a Local connection type, that could be the concern - and if that is the issue, I might suggest you configure those endpoints to use Cloud communications only. We can provide a script for this, so reach out to support@smartdeploy.com if you'd like to go that route.

Throttling client updates is not currently a feature of the console, but if it's a feature you'd find useful, please shoot an email over to feedback@smartdeploy.com. Our engineering team does read all feedback and feature requests that come to this address.

SmartDeploy Support

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