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Internal nvme drive not recognized as Physical Drive 0 during imaging

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I recently rebuilt refreshed and recaptured my standard image and now the new Dell Optiplex 7080 systems will not recognize the internal nvme drive and assigns the Smartdeploy flash drive as c:. I can boot from the internal drive and it goes through the standard new PC setup so I know the hardware is functioning. I had an older image that used 2.0.2080 that worked but I unfortunately overwrote it with the new image.  I'm running 2.0.3090 and my image is Windows 21H1. 

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You'll need to create your boot media with the platform pack for this model selected in the Media Wizard.  That will add the storage driver into the boot environment and allow the internal storage to show up.  This is because Dell ships their machines with RAID on.  If the machine has a single NVMe drive, then the other option it to turn it to just AHCI in the BIOS, then the native NVMe controller will be used and not require an additional driver

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