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  1. Opinion/Feedback: What do you guys recommend for SmartDeploy: 1. Running it from a PC from 2016 running Win 10 Pro with a USB 3 drive for storage 2. Running it from a server Also what advantages do you have over using a Server versus a Desktop.
  2. Devon, I am still getting this. I went to %temp% and there is nothing there to delete except SquirrelSetup.log and a VMWare folder. Thoughts?
  3. Devon, I am not the account holder and do not have permission to submit a ticket. And since the attachment size limit is currently at 467Bytes, here is the text from the Log surrounding the error: 4/27/2021 4:08:58 PM : 5 : #blh,LoadAnswerFile,WriteToLog : Answer file location: E:\SmartDeploy\Answer Files\Win10_2009_Lenovo.xml 4/27/2021 4:08:58 PM : 5 : #blh,ParseAnswerFile,WriteToLog : <smartdeploy version="2.0" version_debug="2.0.3090.12085"> <deploy_wizard mode="Unattended"> <welcome skip="0"> <hide_options_button>false</hide_options_butt
  4. When creating or updating a Deployment media, I am receiving the below error. I looked at the answer file in VS Code and found nothing wrong. Here is the code it is having an issue with: <welcome skip="0"> Position 17 is after the "i" in skip. This is not affecting anything with creating the media or imaging. Thoughts?
  5. @Daniel When updating SmartDeploy, you have to generate a new client and update your deployment packages to the latest version.
  6. R Bond, that was with a previous employer who was getting rid of SmartDeploy (they probably got rid of it by now). I am not familiar with the resolution on this.
  7. I am attempting to create an application pack for Office365. I created a deployment package and downloaded the installation files. However, when creating the pack, I am getting the following error: Here is the summary screen of the application pack: Help?
  8. Did you go into Settings of SmartDeploy and change the drive location? That is most likely the issue.
  9. Brady, I wish I had an answer for you but you cannot. However, you can install SmartDeploy to another workstation, create your image and then write it to USB. That is what I do if I need to boot from USB.
  10. EnviroIT, I do not believe this can be done thru SD. I personally do not handle Group Policy in my org, but this cannot be done as suggested in the guide by Jeff (sorry Jeff). But this will help you get it working: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/configuration/customize-windows-10-start-screens-by-using-group-policy#:~:text=In Windows 10 Pro%2C Enterprise,file that contains the layout.
  11. I tried in the following Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Chromium, and Vivaldi. All of them do the same exact thing.
  12. When attempting to deactivate some licenses, I am unable to put in more than 1. When I check the box for one, then check a 2nd one. The first one is replaced by the 2nd. I tried 2 different browsers as well.
  13. Glenn, I received your email and opened a ticket.
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