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I received the update version notification and went ahead an updated the SD server for our organization. After the update had completed, I've noticed that only 2 of the 45 currently enrolled PCs have updated to 90. I've tried stopping/starting the SD service on both a client PC and the server, but the update to the clients does not seem to be working. What steps can I take to force the client updates to happen?

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Hi cblack,

Client upgrade should occur without any intervention required on your part, so I would just say give it a bit longer and see if those endpoints upgrade and report in on their own. If they do not, then there may be some underlying connectivity issue on your network that we'll need to troubleshoot further. We'll reach out via email to open a support ticket.

SmartDeploy Support

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Similar issue here;  Error comes up as a version missmatch.  Tried adding a new laptop, with the client created by my server.  The device shows as having the 90 update, but on the server it is reporting 80 (which is what it was before we updated).
Was there any resolution to this?

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Want to make sure that deployment packages are updated (Right-click > Edit) after a server upgrade to the latest version as well.

I'd also send screenshots of the client in Computer Management with the version showing, and the C:\Windows\SysWOW64\SmartDeploy\ClientService.Console.log file to support@smartdeploy.com so we can investigate further. 

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