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  1. Ah, I think that is it; Updating the deployment package now
  2. Similar issue here; Error comes up as a version missmatch. Tried adding a new laptop, with the client created by my server. The device shows as having the 90 update, but on the server it is reporting 80 (which is what it was before we updated). Was there any resolution to this?
  3. There seems to be more being checked. I have not taken a snapshot of my VM, installed Tools to get network to run updates, uninstalled, and these keys are not on the machine, but I still get the same error. I need to be able to use VMWare for our base image and current versions require Tools to be installed for network access; there has to be a work-around for this.
  4. Ok! I think we are back up and running! Tried a USB port on the back of the server instead of the front, and it worked without issue. That was weird, we have used that front port several times before without issue. Not sure why it would be corrupting USB drives all the sudden
  5. Sorry; 1) how do I view the ticket created, I have not seen an email come in or anything 2) how do I find/produce/submit the medial.log
  6. Using a new flash drive yesterday evening; this morning I came in and got 'an unspecified error occorred' and the flash drive is unreadable. Formatting the flash drive for fat32 and trying again. Is there a place for error logs in smart deploy to help troubleshoot? We did several successful tests of the software last spring and summer without issues, this is my first time using it since we purchased it.
  7. The drive was used, so I did a quick format fat32 on it before using the wizard in SmartDeploy to make the flash drive. So not encrypted, but a used device. I am trying again with a new-out-of-the-box flash drive to see if maybe the drive was defective or having issues. The machine we are using for SmartDeploy is on an ESXi VM. Weird that only that one folder showed weird names/dates/types, other folders appeared normal.
  8. I am assuming these somehow were corrupt or something while being created? Files in the other folder 'seem fine' but it does not boot. Trying on a different brand new flash drive, so I'll keep you posted, but if anyone has a work-around I'd appreciate it.
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