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  1. I would like to second the road map objective for a smart deploy web console. This would be a massive improvement. In the mean time. My techs are having trouble viewing the end points on their locally installed consoles. Is there a way for them to be able to view the contents, push drivers etc, without logging into the main server? I seem to recall this worked a while back. Maybe I am crazy and it did not. Some back ground. We are running a local machine - joined to intune. We are an all cloud environment. No servers. Our VDI environment is blocked for RDP. Or we would have build it in the azure vdi space. PC's all check in. I can push packages from the main console. I just need my guys to be able to see it. And use it. Suggestions?
  2. I am trying to update the endpoint agents. I can push this out via intune as an installer, but I need to be able to uninstall the old agent first. Anyone familiar with updating the client via intune? I can't do it from the smart deploy console because the console updated - which means I can't update drivers or software if needed. Seems counter productive. The console should be able to update the client if the version is out of date.
  3. Error: smartdeploy error cannot capture a virtual machine with the smartdeploy client service installed I apparently was trying to be slick and include the installer in our image. I get the above when trying to capture the image- So I removed (uninstalled) from the image and also deleted it from the smart deploy console. Yet I still get this error. Any Idea's/Help would be grateful
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