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  1. I honestly have no idea what version of SD we're running, but looking at the feature list I feel like we must have, at least, the lowest version necessary to use Message History. However any time I try to view the message history of a client it tells me it's not enabled and provides a link to buy software. Any assistance would be great! Thanks.
  2. Thanks Jeff. I'll test another and if it happens again I put in a ticket.
  3. Did anyone get anywhere with this issue? I'm now receiving the same message during image deployment and it appears the imaging process completes successfully after I click Ok.
  4. That's exciting to hear such things may be coming up. We use Screenconnect onsite and the filtering options are fantastic and make things so much easier. Thanks for the quick response.
  5. I show a lot of clients in the SD console that have updated driver packs available. Do I have to manually select them all to then push them all at once? No way to filter them based on ... well anything!? I feel like filters, in the console, would be a HUGE help.
  6. Thanks very much. I'm changing some things around as I was maintaining two machines...won't get into why. Consolidating and will probably step through the OOBE, throw on the agent then image from console. Thanks again.
  7. Hi...I've been using Smartdeploy since maybe October. Got to the point of having a half dozen USB drives I can image laptops from. We (school district) got in 150 dell laptops today that I have to image. The quicker the better. Looking for input on quickest ways to get these imaged, as a half dozen USB drives probably isn't it. Also wondering if there's a way to speed up the push of Application Packs. I'm used to Altiris and when I drag and drop a job it goes. The little experience I have pushing Application Packs...I've chosen to push them to a particular laptop and it seems to take, at least, a few minutes before it actually starts. Wondering how normal this is and if there's a way to make it more immediate. Thanks in advance Rick Bond
  8. Aaron ... did you get anywhere with this? I have the same complaint. I don't know the VM specs off-hand, but it's super slow scrolling.Aaron ... did you get anywhere with this? I have the same complaint. I don't know the VM specs off-hand, but it's super slow scrolling.
  9. Hi there ... new to Smartdeploy. Having a couple of issues. I've created Offline Media a number of times and sometimes the .wim file ends up on the "Z" folder and sometimes it's not there. Also run into a lot of trouble with formatting of the USB drive. Lastly, the one time I did get it to image a laptop (Dell Latitude 5490) it doesn't appear as though the answer file was applied. Just looking for any thoughts on these issues. Thanks
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