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Network Identification in Answer File: Automatic number sequencing machines from 01 upwards

Stephen Clark

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Hi all,

Very new to SmartDeploy and just going through the trial. So far I'm very impressed. So intuitive and easy to use. I'm trying to figure out how to make it so that when a machine is deployed, the machine name (network identification) will number the machines from 01 upwards. E.g. COMPUTER-01; COMPUTER-02, etc. 

When creating the answer file, I add the hashtags at the end (COMPUTER-##), ut the numbers seem to be totally random, rather than sequential. 

Hoping someone can help out with this. 

Thank you. 


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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for reaching out. You're correct about how the hash signs work - they are essentially random, and if you're only using two digits, there's a good chance you will get some repeats. It's possible this will change in the future, but at this time, each deployment is a discrete event that is unaware of the others, and there is no mechanism that would allow for sequential computer naming other than manually entering the computer name for each deployment. Many of our users have found this to be a practical workaround, however - rather than using an unattended answer file, you can use an attended answer file and skip every Deploy Wizard page besides the one that you need to modify per-deployment (Network Identification in this case). You can find guidance for how to update your answer file to skip Deploy Wizard pages at the very end of the User's Guide.

Go ahead and email us at support (at) smartdeploy.com if you have any questions or issues.


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