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Found 6 results

  1. Is there a reason why answer file is either losing credentials at deployment or does it work whenever it feels like it? I deployed 5 laptops 2 out of the 5 worked. I did net use * \\computername\c$\smartdeploy which worked. But I do not want to do this for 500 computers. Is there a fix for this or a cause?
  2. During the naming convention on the answer file I set the read from WMI property first, and wanted it to pull the serial number as the computer name. I set a prefix and let the WMI query as default. Unfortunately it didn't do this when I deployed the image. Is there a different step I am suppose to do to get it to read and set the serial number as the computer name?
  3. Hi Everyone, I have been having issues with getting Sysprep to read in our computer asset tags and setting them as the computer name. As far as I know, all this requires is setting the WMI property to be the highest priority in the answer file like so: <identification skip="0"> <!-- 0 = Assign a new computer name automatically, 1 = Use the following naming method --> <naming_mode /> <naming_methods> <method>WMI</method> <method>CUSTOM</method> <method>EXISTING</method> </naming_methods> <custom_naming_scheme>EE####</custom_naming_scheme> <prefix></prefix> <wmi_query>SELECT SMBIOSAssetTag FROM Win32_SystemEnclosure</wmi_query> </identification> At its current state, Sysprep is randomizing the computer name and giving computers values like "WIN-LVCP52GBPMP" or other related "WIN" names. This leads me to believe that the above portion of XML is somehow completely disregarded. Perhaps something like the script mentioned here may help me but the attachment has been removed. (For reference, we are testing on a Dell Optiplex 790 and 7010. I have made sure to update their BIOS's and platform packs as well). Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  4. Hi all, Very new to SmartDeploy and just going through the trial. So far I'm very impressed. So intuitive and easy to use. I'm trying to figure out how to make it so that when a machine is deployed, the machine name (network identification) will number the machines from 01 upwards. E.g. COMPUTER-01; COMPUTER-02, etc. When creating the answer file, I add the hashtags at the end (COMPUTER-##), ut the numbers seem to be totally random, rather than sequential. Hoping someone can help out with this. Thank you. Stephen
  5. So I am still in the process of setting up smart deploy with our systems with wds. In the meantime I am using USB to boot to Smart Deploy. I have a total of 3 images in one .wim file. I would like to set up a usb drive to boot to Smartdeploy and show the image selection screen and nothing else. I would like to skip every screen except the one where you choose your image. Even if I put the image in the answer file when I do boot to smart deploy the image is blank and I have to map to it using a UNC path. I have attatched the answer file here. I have even tried to map the unc path using a startup script and it doesn't map. Any help would be appreciated SmartDeploy.xml
  6. Hello DeployCentral Forum! This question goes out for anyone experiencing odd behavior from an Offline Deployment Media (USB). OS: XP SP3 During the media wizard, I select the Image File, Platform Pack and my Unattended Answer File. Once I click next, it asks if I want the wizard to update the answer file with the image file details...I click YES. Once I boot off of the USB, here comes my First issue, I receive the Welcome screen. In my answer file LINE#3 <welcome skip="1"> I have this set to "SKIP". I then click "Deploy Image" in the Welcome Screen and then comes my Second Issue, I am asked to select an Image File. I do so (Z:\WinXP.wim) and the image loads fine... PlatformPack seems to have loaded fine...no driver issues in the Device Manager. Answer File: -<smartdeploy version="1.1" version_debug="1.1.1980"> -<deploy_wizard mode="Unattended"> -<welcome skip="1"> <hide_options_button>true</hide_options_button> </welcome> -<select_image skip="1"> <image_file/> <image_name/> </select_image> -<disk_options skip="1"> -<!-- 0 = Recreate drives, 1 = Wipe & load drives, 2 = SmartMigrate --> <disk_option>0</disk_option> </disk_options> -<product_key skip="1"> <product_key/> </product_key> -<end_user_license_agreement skip="1"> <accept_eula>false</accept_eula> </end_user_license_agreement> -<user_information skip="1"> <full_name>Honda Federal Credit Union</full_name> <organization_name>Honda Federal Credit Union</organization_name> </user_information> -<regional_settings skip="1"> <time_zone>(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)</time_zone> <input_locale>English (United States)</input_locale> </regional_settings> -<display_settings skip="1"> <resolution>Auto Detect</resolution> <color_depth>Auto Detect</color_depth> <refresh_rate>Auto Detect</refresh_rate> </display_settings> -<network_tcpip_settings skip="1"> -<ipv4> -<!-- 0 = Obtain an IP address automatically, 1 = Use the following IP address --> <static>0</static> <ip_address/> <subnet_mask/> <default_gateway/> <preferred_dns_server/> <alternate_dns_server/> <preferred_wins_server/> <alternate_wins_server/> </ipv4> </network_tcpip_settings> -<network_identification skip="1"> <computer_name>XP-IMAGE</computer_name> -<!-- 0 = Domain, 1 = Workgroup --> <membership>1</membership> <domain/> -<domain_options> <option/> </domain_options> <organizational_unit/> -<organizational_unit_options> <option/> </organizational_unit_options> <workgroup>XP</workgroup> </network_identification> -<join_domain_credentials skip="1"> <username/> <domain/> <password/> </join_domain_credentials> -<wds_credentials> <server/> <username/> <domain/> <password/> </wds_credentials> -<summary skip="1"> <hide_export_button>false</hide_export_button> </summary> <completion/> -<advanced_options> -<general> <platform_pack/> -<system_properties> <system_property enabled="0">DISABLE_SYSTEM_RESTORE</system_property> <system_property enabled="1">RESTORE_DRIVE_LETTERS</system_property> <system_property enabled="1">ENABLE_ADMINISTRATOR_ACCOUNT</system_property> <system_property enabled="1">PRESERVE_CRASH_CONTROL_SETTINGS</system_property> <system_property enabled="1">PRESERVE_DESKTOP_ICONS</system_property> </system_properties> <reboot_after_deployment>true</reboot_after_deployment> </general> -<identification> -<!-- 0 = Assign a new computer name automatically, 1 = Use the following naming method --> <naming_mode>0</naming_mode> -<naming_methods> <method>CUSTOM</method> <method>EXISTING</method> <method>WMI</method> </naming_methods> <custom_naming_scheme>XP-IMAGE#</custom_naming_scheme> <prefix/> <wmi_query>SELECT SMBIOSAssetTag FROM Win32_SystemEnclosure</wmi_query> </identification> -<migration> <protected_folder>Backup</protected_folder> <virtualization_platform/> <create_desktop_shortcut>false</create_desktop_shortcut> <files_to_exclude/> </migration> <tasks/> </advanced_options> -<settings> <active_directory/> <network_shares/> +<proxy_server> <proxy_server_url/> <username/> <password/> </proxy_server> <session_id/> <unattend_delay>10</unattend_delay> </settings> </deploy_wizard> <image_file>[AnswerFolder]\z\WinXP.wim</image_file> <platform_pack/> </smartdeploy> Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you, 'NetAdmin73
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