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WDS doesn't recognize SD's WIMs


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Appears that after all this work of making a .wim that's work perfectly fine for deploying the OS with the drivers from SD - WDS doesn't understand SD's .wim files at all. When I go into WDS and use the Add Image Wizard and point to the .wim I've been using with SD all this time it says "The file does not contain a valid install image."

/sign . . . .

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Hi there,

For reference, here is our white paper on how to integrate SmartDeploy with WDS - you'll want to make sure that you're adding the WIM that you captured to the Install Images node in WDS.


If you're receiving this error while adding your image, this most likely indicates that your image file is invalid or corrupt. Please reach out to support (at) smartdeploy.com and we can advise further.

SmartDeploy Support Team



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What error message are you receiving? Is this error happening when attempting to import your install image into the WDS role?

If so, ensure when you captured your virtual reference machine you selected For Use With WDS. That will strip off any additional volumes such as the system reserve so you can import it into your WDS server. WDS only allows one volume images.


SmartDeploy Support

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