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  1. Sorry for the delayed responses! I'm going to try this again today and post an update with logs
  2. Seems no matter what I do SmartDeploy answer file will not join my machines to the network using Client deployment abilities. Have to manually go over to the machines and join them. Typed in everything right, domain\AdminUser and password. Nothing Anyone else finding this to be an issue too ?
  3. I got it working! So I forgot to check the box for WDS when I created my image. while it worked fine for a USB drive and Remote imaging - WDS ignored it because I didn't check that box
  4. I have done all of those steps and my current .wim has been working perfectly fine creating images via USB and a SDClient remote install. WDS just refuses to use any .wim made by SD
  5. Appears that after all this work of making a .wim that's work perfectly fine for deploying the OS with the drivers from SD - WDS doesn't understand SD's .wim files at all. When I go into WDS and use the Add Image Wizard and point to the .wim I've been using with SD all this time it says "The file does not contain a valid install image." /sign . . . .
  6. So you can deploy the SD Client out to any machine easily using PDQ but there doesn't appear to be a way to tell each PC the Host name. Even with GPO you still need ot visit each machine manually to update that xml file. Anyone find a better way of doing this? Can't fly to London and update 300 machines manually - looks like I'll have to remote to every C: drive and updated the xml file at this point...
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