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Corrupt Platform Packs after update/download


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I frequently encounter Platform Pack corruption upon updating or downloading platform packs (several SmartDeploy servers with different internet connections exhibit this).  This morning, for instance, after kicking off a number of platform pack updates last Friday, I went to build media, and was warned that 4 of the platform packs were corrupt. I It looks like the download may be getting interrupted.  I really like the new feature that shows when an update is available, and the ability to right click and select "update".  

Would it be possible to eventually implement some sort of automatic check that a downloaded/updated platform pack is viable?

2017-03-13 09_26_01-md1BE1 - Remote Desktop Connection Manager v2.7.png

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A couple of things can cause this issue. If you have any anti-virus on the host, disable it and then attempt to redownload. Also, make sure your SmartDeploy host is set to US/English for region and language.

If you still have issues, let us know and we can investigate further. 


SmartDeploy Support

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