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Platform packs for Windows 10


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Hi ditasn2000,

Platform Packs are created based on customer requests, and are subject to driver availability from the manufacturer. It's possible that there is a driver set available for some of those older machines. To request a Platform Pack, you can simply fill out the Platform Pack Request Form:


Once a pack request is submitted, we check to make sure that drivers are available from the manufacturer for the requested operating system, and we check to make sure that the submitter has a current SmartDeploy support contract, and whether any fees would apply to create the pack. The most common business model series are included at no additional cost.

The Sales team tells me you're in the process of a quote - you can go ahead and submit the form if you do decide to purchase, or if you'd like us to check on driver availability for any models before your purchase, just shoot us a list at support (at) smartdeploy.com.

And finally - if you wish, you can certainly try deploying to a device with no Platform Pack. To do this, simply boot the device to SmartDeploy media. You will be warned that there is no Platform Pack available for the target device and OS - you can then click Yes to continue. The device will deploy using only the inbox drivers included with Windows 10, which will provide sufficient functionality on many older devices even if a driver set is not available from the manufacturer. This must be tested on a per-model basis, however - and we cannot guarantee success if the device is unsupported.

Please note that there is an updated version of SmartDeploy available as well - so again, if you do decide to purchase, you should download the latest version and update to 2.0.1050 (current as of this writing), then recreate your SmartDeploy media.

SmartDeploy Support Team


SmartDeploy User Guides

DeployCentral Forum

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