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Image for Intel Compute Stick?

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Hi esardinha,

This may be possible, depending on the specific model. Intel's driver support for their NUC series of MiniPCs has been fairly robust, and from my initial browsing of their download center, it looks like they may have a similar level of driver support for the Compute Stick, which looks to be structurally similar in a smaller package.

I can't say with certainty whether we can create a Platform Pack for this device without having its hardware information and model number in hand, but if you'd like us to look into it, go ahead and fill out our Platform Pack Request Form with the hardware info (wmi.txt) from the device, and be sure to indicate which operating system(s) you're interested in deploying.


I see from our records that you're a current support customer with us, so we'll be in touch after you fill out the form to let you know if it will be possible to create a pack, and if any fee would apply to do so.

SmartDeploy Support Team


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Hello, I've submitted a request for a platform pack.  I believe I've submitted a request at one time but wasn't able to get anyone to let me know if we can image these compute sticks.  Have you come across any more information that would help?   I attached the wmi.txt file that I was able to pull using the wmi script for the platform pack request. 




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Hello Esardinha,

I'm trying to image a intel compute stick but im struggling to get it working, can you tell me if you succeeded and if so, how?

im finding issues booting to usb USB plugged in, the intel computer stick doesn't give me any option to boot to usb, it just boots straight to Windows.


Any help appreciated :-) 

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