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Server builds R420 specifically

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I'm having a problem where when trying to deploy a smart deploy image to a server R420. I downloaded the platform pack from the smartdeploy website and then create my boot media. On boot up I receive corrupted driver error when trying to boot from the USB bootable media. So I decided to create my own platform pack to see if that would fix the issue but realized once I got to the download site that a majority of the driver installs are exe's and do not contain the files you specify during your training videos. Is there another round about way to get the drivers needed to deploy the image?

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Just to clarify, you receive the error once you boot to your USB and before you click "Deploy an image?"

What is the exact error? Please perform the following commands from an elevated Command Prompt after deleting all files/folders from your C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp directory (Some may be locked, that's ok) and disabling any anti-virus.

1. Diskpart

2. List Disk

3. Select Disk 1 (Use the correct disk number here)

4. Detail Disk (Ensure you have your USB drive selected)

5. Clean (This destroys all data)

6. Create partition primary

7. Active

8. Format quick fs=ntfs

9. Assign letter E: (Any drive letter that works is fine)

10. Exit

11. Re-Run the media wizard to create the bootable USB drive


SmartDeploy Support

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Same Result.

Yes, this is during the load process before you get to the smart deploy splash screen.

Error message details:

File: \windows\systems32\drivers\percsas2.sys

Status: 0xc000035a

Info: Windows failed to load because critical system driver is missing or corrupted.

The platform pack downloaded from the website with no alternations:


PowerEdge R420

Windows PE:












Windows Server 2012 R2

Not including everything here

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