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I am using WDS to push out our image. My problem is not the applying of the image but the processing of the WDS session. It is taking over an hour to get past that process. I am at a loss as I have tried to recreate the boot image, tried USB and PXE to boot. I have selected Multicast when asked. I am using a brand new server 16GB of Ram and 1gb network card. I am going thru a Cisco switch which we use everyday for our network. Any help or suggestion please.

Thank you

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If you open up the WDS server and goto the multicast transmittion I'm betting you'll see a session open for the machines you're imaging along with their progress listed as a percentile. The time it's taking I believe is the actual transfer of the image from the WDS server to the local machine, applying the image is then done on the individual computer. If you're only doing a single machine I believe chosing not to multicast is also faster, though obviously any advantage goes out the door as soon as you have a 2nd machine.

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