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  1. If you open up the WDS server and goto the multicast transmittion I'm betting you'll see a session open for the machines you're imaging along with their progress listed as a percentile. The time it's taking I believe is the actual transfer of the image from the WDS server to the local machine, applying the image is then done on the individual computer. If you're only doing a single machine I believe chosing not to multicast is also faster, though obviously any advantage goes out the door as soon as you have a 2nd machine.
  2. I'm currently using Smart Deploy along with a WDS server for PXE booting and Multtasking (works great and I'm loving it). However I'd like to customize the Windows PE enviroment some to allow for other tools besides Smart Deploy to be used in the Win PE enviroment. I'm thinking specifically of DiskWipe, and possibly some anti-virus and malware tools that would benefit from running in the Win PE space. Right now I've got a drive of tools automatically mapping on the network with a custom XML file (this also maps the imaging folder), and I can hit shift+F10 to get to the command prompt to launch the tools. I'm wondering if there's any way to further customize the Smart Deploy Win PE enviroment in order to make getting to these tools more convenient. Obviously I can create my own Win PE and put the tools there and use that to boot, but I'd prefer something more consolidated. Thanks Greg
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