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Dell E6540 Laptop not picking DHCP on boot of smart deploy via USB nor seeing the smartdeploy drive located in computer

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I have strange issue where if I boot via usb to smart deploy that works on all other makes and models, I recieve no IP address and does not detect the USB dirve itself... This does however it still has the X drive, but the drive that is labeled Smart deploy that has all the images and everything else is not there.

To make things a little stranger at the main branch we have WDS setup which uses the smart deploy boot and image. When deploying it this way everything works well. I believe this works because it's recieving it's IP addes before actually doing anything with smart deploy.

We need this to work with USB as we do deployments at all branches and some that are not configured for WDS. If anyone has any ideas on what I can try that would get this working that would be awesome.



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Ok I've upgraded to the latest version, then used the platform manager to add the missing platforms in. Same result I'm afraid. I can boot from the USB but once I'm in smart deploy it does not detect the USB drive letter labeled smartdeploy (the one that has the image) Used the suggestion above recreate the USB with only the platform for that model and it works just fine.

As always any continued help would be greatly appreciated.

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What other packs do you have imported in your default.ppk? If you delete all the USB 3.0 nodes from your Windows PE sections of your packs, and recreate your boot media are you able to see your SmartDeploy USB drive?


SmartDeploy Support

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Sorry for the late response, I had to wait until another batch of these came in. went through and removed the USB 3.0 from the Windows PE nodes (there was only one). I can now Image everything that came with the default package from the installation, but still cannot install E6540 after importing it into the default package. I'm keeping one on hand until this is resolved from here on out, so no more long waits. thanks for all the help and please keep it coming :).

I forgot to mention that I am now getting an IP address but still cannot access the smartdeploy drive so we are making some progress.

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I'm still having this issue and have not found a solution to the problem as now. I noticed the view count started rising a bit and was wondering if anyone else was facing the same issue? Either way if I could confirm that the issue is on my side or on smart deploys that would help my troubleshooting a lot.

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