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Computer Name from BIOS adding stray character Latitude 5420

R Bond

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Imaging some new Latitude 5420's from a USB stick.  For naming, in the answer file, we call the SerialNumber from the BIOS then rename as needed.  Noticed suddenly that post-imaging the computer name is pulling a leading "D" from somewhere.  Thus, Service Tag/SerialNumber BBH45Q3 is DBBH45Q3.  Checked the answer file on the stick and no reason sticks out.  Checked the logs from one of the machines in question nothing sticks out.  Tested on a Latitude 3410 and it works fine.  Anyone run in to such a thing?  Not HUGE issue provided I remember to remove that "D" when I'm renaming (we keep the Service Tag in the name), but awfully annoying.


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