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Everytime I try to capture my Windows 20H2 image, I get an Access Denied error


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So I created my Windows 10 20H2 golden image. But when I attempt to capture it from the VHDX in Smart Deploy, it sits there at looking for Operating Systems and then eventually I get an Access Denied error. I have been going around in circles trying to figure out what is the issue, I am about to attempt a re-install of Smart Deploy in hopes its a weird issue there, but has anyone else seen this?

Update- After re-installing Smart Deploy, I am getting an Unable to Mount image error now when I try to capture it. Any idea's? I have never had an issue with this before on this system.

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Hi Dayne,


Sorry you're still encountering capture issues. Try the following as I've seen it help capture issues such as the mounting and access issues you are receiving. 

Start the virtual reference machine and run disk cleanup, including system files.

Once completed, restart the virtual reference machine gracefully via the start menu. Once back at the desktop, open an administrative command prompt and type: shutdown.exe /s /t 0
Be sure any anti-virus is disabled and recapture and let us know your results. If you still have issues, please send us your C:\SmartDeploy\Logs\Capture.log from the SmartDeploy host to support@SmartDeploy.com and reference this thread.
SmartDeploy Support
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