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  1. So it's odd, I have the Windows RE enabled and shows as working in my Golden image, but when I image a machine that I have pulled from that, it is showing as not enabled, but then when I attempt to enable it, it is unable to do so as there is no Recovery partition. So it seems like Smart deploy isn't pulling that part over?
  2. So my boss recently tried to reset one of the Windows 10 PC's that had been smart deployed and realized that it wouldn't work. Now I have been tasked with looking into seeing if there is a way to setup our image or what so that after the fact if we needed to, we could use the reset this PC function. Is this possible?
  3. So I created my Windows 10 20H2 golden image. But when I attempt to capture it from the VHDX in Smart Deploy, it sits there at looking for Operating Systems and then eventually I get an Access Denied error. I have been going around in circles trying to figure out what is the issue, I am about to attempt a re-install of Smart Deploy in hopes its a weird issue there, but has anyone else seen this? Update- After re-installing Smart Deploy, I am getting an Unable to Mount image error now when I try to capture it. Any idea's? I have never had an issue with this before on this system.
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