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Error 1231


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We have smartdeploy enterprise and we have starting with this. I captured image and put files in my WDS under Windows Server 2012R2, so all ok. But when deploy image with PXE i don´t be able map network to server where imagen is found, i receive error 1231 all time. I tried with \\myserver\reminst or \\ipmyserver\reminst and not work. The first menu when pxe is launched IP Address blocked in Initializing... However with windows enviroment i can map ok and ping response ok and i have IP Address. Can you help me with this issue please?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Rober,


Error message 1231 means the network location cannot be reached, which makes sense if you're not receiving an IP address in the SmartDeploy boot environment. Be sure when you created your boot media you selected the Platform Pack for the machine you're attempting to deploy to. That will inject the Ethernet driver into the boot.wim so you get an IP address in the boot environment. 

If you have done that and still not getting an IP address, send us an email at support@smartdeploy.com and we can take a look.




SmartDeploy Support

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