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  1. I tried clone from lenovo to lenovo and SMD shows message but deploy run ok. Is possible that platform pack for optiplex 3070 is created for HDD not SDD?
  2. I can´t take logs because the screen with descript error is permanently on top and if i close it, screen is black and i have to reboot.
  3. Hi. I cloned Lenovo without problems but now i like clon Dell 3070 hard disk SSD m.2 with PXE and i don´t be able finish task ok. The process is running ok but all time in screen show this message "string was not recognized as a valid DateTime" and when deploy finish system reboot and crash with sysprep error. Any help for this? Thanks in advance
  4. There was my error, I selected platform pack and all worked. Thanks por all!
  5. Thanks for quick reply! I will try it tomorrow because i didn´t this step. With the result notice you, thanks!
  6. Hi. We have smartdeploy enterprise and we have starting with this. I captured image and put files in my WDS under Windows Server 2012R2, so all ok. But when deploy image with PXE i don´t be able map network to server where imagen is found, i receive error 1231 all time. I tried with \\myserver\reminst or \\ipmyserver\reminst and not work. The first menu when pxe is launched IP Address blocked in Initializing... However with windows enviroment i can map ok and ping response ok and i have IP Address. Can you help me with this issue please? Thanks in advance.
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