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Custom Application packs not installing


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I've created a custom application package and configured the file and task to install a .msi of OpenVPN.

I can see the computer in the SmartDeploy console and I can select the device and choose to deploy the application package I created.

I selected the box to allow the user to delay the install so I could verify the host machine and other asset are communicating and verified they are communicating.

Then I look back in the SmartDeploy console installed on the host and can see the icon on the far left has updated indicating the app is being pushed. 

The app is never actually installed.

Attached are images of my .msi configuration but I'm not sure what I need to change.





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Hi cnelsenxx1,

I do see the issue - you're referencing the path where the MSI exists on your SmartDeploy console host, not the MSI stored inside the Application Pack, which would include the relative path variable [ApplicationsFolder], which is a stand-in for the folder on the target computer where the pack will be extracted prior to installation.

To insert this path automatically, click on the Run MSI Package task on the left pane, then - next to Executable location, click the Select button. Select the MSI and click OK - and the path will update automatically.

I would suggesting adding ALLUSERS=1 to the Arguments field - it's required for many pieces of software when being installed by the LOCALSYSTEM account. Click File | Save, and then exit and retry the Application Pack.

If you continue to have issues, go ahead and email us at support@smartdeploy.com, and reference this thread.

SmartDeploy Support


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