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  1. Hi, I followed this guide: https://smartdeploy.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/48000966997-enable-bitlocker-with-deployment to create an Answer File that will enable BitLocker but I have a couple questions. 1. Where does the BitLocker recovery Key get saved in this process? 2. At the bottom of the article it recommends I disable secure boot and suspend BitLocker in Windows before proceeding with deployment. I've never suspended BitLocker before so I wanted to make sure this article I found was the proper way to do so: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-suspend-bitlocker
  2. @SmartDeploySupport I verified it worked locally on my machine and disabled IPv6. I've added it to my Answer File and now run through the Deployment and I'm receiving an error that says: "The POSTIMAGE Task "C:\Users\cnelsen\Documents\psScripts\disable_IPv6.ps1 could not be found".
  3. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can verify if Control Panel settings can be configured as part of an image. I was able to configure Windows Settings (i.e. enable remote desktop settings), but for example I turned off IPv6 in Control Panel > View Network Status and Tasks prior to creating the image and when I pushed the image and went to verify I noticed the box was still checked and not unchecked.
  4. I am prompted for my Microsoft Account each time I log into the console. I sign into my account and it goes away. I've noticed an old email address is always available to pick from and I have to choose sign in with a different account, and that it doesn't save the credentials. Is there a way to make SmartDeploy remove my old email address, store my new one, and not prompt me to sign into my Microsoft Account each time I open SmartDeploy?
  5. @SmartDeploySupport Hi, That worked. I was able to see the app successfully push and install. I also added it to an image and imaged the device and it installed.Thank you for your help!
  6. Hi, I've created a custom application package and configured the file and task to install a .msi of OpenVPN. I can see the computer in the SmartDeploy console and I can select the device and choose to deploy the application package I created. I selected the box to allow the user to delay the install so I could verify the host machine and other asset are communicating and verified they are communicating. Then I look back in the SmartDeploy console installed on the host and can see the icon on the far left has updated indicating the app is being pushed. The app is never
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