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multiple or single file images ?


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I'm noticing when I  create a new virtual machine in VMware it asks if I want to split the machine in multiple files or build as a single file. Also it looks like the deployment  packages are splitting the previously made single file images. Is there a preference here for Smart deploy? cCapture 1 file as an image or capture multiple files as an image ? 


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You will want to create a single virtual disk file.This will allow for the SmartDeploy's Capture Wizard to select and capture the virtual disk to convert it into a .WIM. That being said, you can create split virtual disks, but it requires a warm capture in order to capture it. You can find out more about warm captures here

The reason you're seeing the Media Wizard split images is because it needs to split the WIM into 4GB splits in order to create Fat32 media. Fat32 is required for UEFI deployments.

Hope that makes more sense now. 


SmartDeploy Support

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