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  1. Looking for the previous version. Version 2.0.3060 download link
  2. HI Gang. I'm trying to capture the user state of a machine that I've recently deployed to but I receive an error as: CODE 5: Access is denied. I found a similar error on the forum that suggested antivirus.I'm not sure if this is the same code but removed antivirus and disabled firewall to see if I could even make the connection. Still no success. any ideas ?
  3. error : network path not found, I can see it when the VM is running.
  4. when the vm's boot to the Smart deploy boot environment is when I lose the usb and network. (vmwareplayer15/vmwareworstation 12)
  5. it does retain the IP address, but when I search for image to deploy searching the network is not an option nor is searching any USB drives. let em try to grab an image for reference
  6. I did include it but if I cant utilize the usb or network how can I deploy the package ? possible to install the platform pack without boot to boot environment ?
  7. when the vm's boot to the Smart deploy boot environment is when I lose the usb and network. (vmwareplayer15/vmwareworstation 12)
  8. tips or tricks ? as soon as my virtual machines reboot, I lose the network and usb for deployment.
  9. is it possible to deploy an image to a virtual machine in VMware ?
  10. size of image doesn't change and after closing this window nothing seems to happen. No status window or update. also last modified date doesn't change
  11. can you recommend a platform pack (from the downloads)that has this OS node in it ?
  12. I've set the machine to reboot after deploying a new package. When I get to the login screen I'm greeted with a new 2nd user login. After I login in to the original login the 2nd login disappears. Is this normal ?
  13. I have a machine with 3 partitions all running different versions of Windows. Can I deploy an image to 1 of these partitions without removing the others ?
  14. The last modified date doesn't change. it still reflects the last time I captured the image or added the reference machine. Also to make sure I'm understanding this correctly, the image updates or refreshes from the reference machine ? yes ?
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