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Imaging with WDS


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Hello all, 

I have a question about integrating SD with WDS.  I am following the instructions in this article and have a question about the procedure on page 20.


I have the WDS built and the image imported. I am a little shaky on how to boot the client machine so that it can get the image.  The directions to PXE boot are a little vague.  Hoping you guys can point me in the right direction.  I want to PXE boot the client so that it can get the image from the WDS server.


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Hi Michael,

On the target machine you will want to deploy to, you will want to perform a network boot from the network card. You should be able to see a network card or network boot option in the BIOS of the machine. Usually, it's F12 to PXE boot upon boot. What manufacture and model is the machine? I could probably find the correct key to PXE boot. 



SmartDeploy Support

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