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I have a question related to Smartdeploy licensing. We have lot of Dell E6540's that we are planning to sunset but we have lot of users that are currently using it. The plan is not to reimage any of those and then eventually replace them with a newer model laptops. The question is what happens if we decommission all of those E6540's from Smartdeploy licensing while it is still being in use. Of course we are not going to re image them anymore so it is a good idea to decommission all of those from Smartdeploy licensing or do we need to wait until the laptop is actually not in use anymore ?




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Hi Nagaraj

You're certainly free to decommission any device as long as you will never again reimage it with SmartDeploy, and as long as you won't be using any other SmartDeploy product features such as computer management with the SmartDeploy client, driver updates, application deployment (beta), etc.

We generally recommend (and that it's generally lower-risk) to wait until a device is physically leaving the premises to decommission it, however - if a decommissioned device is ever reimaged or has the SmartDeploy client installed, it would become "recommissioned", meaning it would consume another SmartDeploy license seat - but this time, the license cannot be removed from the device, and it would simply be lost when the device retires. 

If you have any questions about licensing, please feel free to reach out at licensing@smartdeploy.com.

SmartDeploy Support

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