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Recommendations for October 1809 Update

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Senario: My company is looking to replace Ghost with SmartDeploy. I have been testing and imaged 4 computers with Windows 10 1803.

Question: How would you recommend handling the new 1809 update that is coming out in October?

1. Update the VM and then the Image?
2. Let each PC get the update (if we allow it) on its own?


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Hi Aaron,

We appreciate you taking the time to evaluate SmartDeploy.

We don't recommend upgrading to new versions of Windows 10 via in-place upgrades. i.e. Windows Updates. These new versions of Windows 10 are essentially new operating systems, so it's best practice to get the latest volume license media and then create a virtual machine and then capture/deploy that.

You could let the PCs update after deployment and that shouldn't affect sysprep or anything on the deployment side, but just know your virtual reference machine will eventually need to be updated to the latest version anyway, and we recommend the above. Also, doing the above will provide you with the cleanest image. When in-place upgrades happens Windows 10 essentially backups the old operating system which can take a lot of space and will manually need to be deleted.

Hope this answers your question.


SmartDeploy Support

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