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When I deploy an image and use the User State Migration everything seems to come back except for two key features. The Desktop Background Image (or any Theme/Personalization settings) and any Applications Default settings do not come back. The files, folders, and many other application settings do come back without issue though. 

I am using the latest build for SmartDeploy, version 2.0.2097. I am deploying the image through SmartDeploy Computer Management. I am deploying Win10 v1709, but the issue is present in all Win10 versions I have tried. The Deployment log shows the user was migrated without any errors.

The Server is running Server21012 R2 and is up to date with updates. I have the latest version of Platform Packs available for all test systems. 

This is the last issue that I have found that needs to be resolved before I can start deploying the latest images through SmartDeploy Computer Management so any help is appreciated.

Has anyone else ran into this, or perhaps know how to fix it.


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To customize copy the wallpaper to default users, I have included the needed files and instructions for setting up Default Profile (Copy Profile) in the CopyProfile.ren attachment, please rename to CopyProfile.zip before opening. That being said, with the Windows 10 1709 release it does seem as it may not work sometimes due to the build in appx packages. This is sadly out of our control, but you can still try it. 

Sysprep may be resetting the applications settings, what specific application settings are you trying to set?


SmartDeploy Support


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