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Remote Deployment prompt not appearing on some computer

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When we are attempting to deploy an image from the Computer Management screen, on some machines the prompt does not appear at the remote computer. Are there any tools we can use to figure out why this is happening? Or is there a general fix for this?

On the same machine, we have tried booting from USB but this doesn't appear to work either (flashing "_" cursor) when selecting to boot from USB media. 

Can anyone shed any light on this?


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Hi Stephen,

Have you successfully performed any console-initiated deployments? If so - was this on clients that are on the same network and subnet as the ones that are currently failing?

Are all of the clients running the same version of the SmartDeploy client as the console version that you have installed? You can check the client version in the Computer Management view, or in Programs and Features on the target device. You can check the console version in the Tools view of the console. If any devices are running outdated version of the client, they will need to be updated. That should occur automatically, but you can uninstall and reinstall the client manually if needed. See P. 40 of the User's Guide for details on how to locate and install the client.

As for the USB device failing to boot, that may indicate a hardware problem with the target device, or with your USB media - or a problem with the boot settings in the BIOS of the target device. Try changing the variables a bit: different USB stick, different port, different device - determine whether it's a persistent problem on all devices, or confined to a single unit. Depending on those answers, we can advise further.

If you're unable to resolve the connectivity problem with your console-initiated deployments, go ahead and email us at support (at) smartdeploy.com (and be sure to reference this thread), and we can help troubleshoot this further.


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