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Upgrade issue

Kirk Spencer

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Hi all,


We have been using Smart Deploy for about a year now with zero issues.  We just upgraded from 2.0.2050 to 2.0.2097.  The upgrade went fine with no issues.  However, when I opened the Smart Deploy console and went to computer management, of the 300+ computers that were in there, only 160 now show up.  In addition, all of the groups that we had our student labs organized into are gone.

Is this normal when doing upgrades?  If it is not, is there any way to get back the lost groupings?

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Hi Kirk,

We did change the way databases are stored to localdb, which may take a bit to re-populate. Did they eventually show up?


If not, open an administrative command prompt and type:

net stop sdeconsoleservice

Go to C:\Windows\System32\ and send us the following files:




Send to support @ smartDeploy .com


SmartDeploy Support

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