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Deploying Windows 10 sysprep error


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I'm copying this from my other post to someone else's related thread:

When I went from the original Windows 10 build to the Creators Update in my image, SysPrep would not complete successfully on the newly imaged SmartDeploy machine. SmartDeploy was useless at this point. I had to go to Microsoft Volume License and download the most up-to-date .iso of Windows 10, including the Creators Update. I recreated my image using this install media, burned SmartDeploy to USB and everything worked fine. 

Moral of the story: Don't upgrade your image. Rebuild it with a newly installed (and updated) OS. 

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In Bobby's case, the version of SmartDeploy pre-dates an update we made specifically to support the deployment of Windows 10. 

Be sure to periodically check to make sure you're on the latest version of SmartDeploy, and remember that when you update you must also re-create your boot media. (You do not need to re-capture your images.)

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On 1/15/2018 at 8:33 AM, lphooper03 said:

I was successful once I went to my Microsoft Volume License account and downloaded the most up-to-date version of Windows 10, with the Fall Creator's update already installed as part of the image. 

We do recommend to avoid in-place upgrades, of Windows, and any other software if possible. 

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