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Stuck on "Just a moment..." Post Deploy


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Im having a bit of a strange issue on a new image i am rolling out. After smart deploy finishes its deployment, windows displays a "Just A Moment" message as if it is finishing updates. I let a machine run for about 2 hours yesterday and nothing changed. I tried again this morning with a fresh capture and Media, but the issue still persists. Has anyone else ran into issues with deployments since the creator update recently?

Background information:

The image is a windows 10 post windows creator update deployed with WDS. I copied the VM from an existing image and made a few changes and ran updates. I rebooted and checked for updates a few times to make sure that the VM has no pending updates and is ready to be captured. I have captured the machine 4 times so far using smartdeploy bootable media and the normal smartdeploy application capture mode.

The only difference between the new and old images is windows updates. 

Any idesas? 


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We have seen this issue with some machines if there is any USB devices connected after the first restart (When the Deploy Wizard finishes).

If you haven't already, try removing any USB storage devices from the target machine after the Deploy Wizard finishes and let us know your results.


SmartDeploy Support

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Ok so i was able to update smart deploy, re capture, recreate my boot media and import into WDS. 

I now receive an error stating that "the platform pack location does not contain support for this computer manufacturer, model and operating system." 

I have been deploying these machines over the last month with no issues regarding platform packs.

Kinda not a good place to be when you have to image 18+ machines before the end of the week.

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