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Corrupted Start Menu (Tiles and Links) after deployment

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We have been trying to resolve this for over a month now.  After a deployment, the Start menu is full of broken tiles and links.  This has been reported in other threads and across the Internet, but we have not been able to resolve the issue after trying everything posted elsewhere.  We even went so far as to create a fresh VM, disable the NIC, install Windows 10 1703 fresh, make a fresh image, and deploy that to no avail.  The broken links still show up after the machine is deployed.  On a broken deployment, if we run a Windows 10 "Upgrade" Install from the Windows DVD, that will resolve the issue for that machine, but this is not a viable option when trying to deploy Windows to 100+ computers...  How do we resolve this definitively at the time of deployment?  What is the Windows 10 "Upgrade" doing that fixes the machine, and is there a way to run that after the image is dropped?

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What we ended up doing was rebuilding the reference machine from scratch and installing everything with Windows in "Audit Mode".

So far that has resolved the issue, but I'm still not done fully and have a lot of software yet to install.  However, with Windows Updates, Microsoft Office, standardized apps, start menu, desktops, images, etc., it all looks good so far.

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