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trying to "deploy now" and it never deploys - just sits there


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I have installed the SD Client on the machines I want to image via PDQ Deploy.

The machines show up under Computer Management in SmartDeploy no problem and not grayed out. 

I right click on a single tower and select "deploy now"

Nothing happens. Logs attached.

WIN7-026 7_6_2017 2_59_48 PM.log

WIN7-026 7_6_2017 3_14_00 PM.log

WIN7-026 7_6_2017 3_30_12 PM.log

WIN7-026 7_6_2017 10_00_07 AM.log

WIN7-026 7_6_2017 10_23_28 AM.log

WIN7-026 7_6_2017 10_36_41 AM.log

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This is also a common issue in my environment. There are times when it will deploy so I know that my settings should be correct, but lately it just hangs after i've clicked "Deploy Now." It shows the icon that it is imaging, but upon checking the end-user's computer, no imaging is initiated. I also do not receive any error. Any ideas? 

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