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Windows could not finish configuring the system?

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Every image I try to install with the Creators update I get this error message during deployment. "Windows could not finish configuring the system" please reboot the computer. I've tried using a upgraded image from 1607 to 1703 and also a brand new 1703 install. Both give me the same error. If I just use the 1607 image it works great. But with building new machines I would like to start with the latest updates installed on Windows 10. Does anyone know a fix for this. Just as a test I didn't install any other software on Windows 10 before deployment.I'm also using the most recent version of smart deploy.

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Restart the machine back into the SmartDeploy boot environment and click Collect Logs. Save the zip to a USB/Network share then send it to support @ smartdeploy .com and refer this thread and we can take a look.


SmartDeploy Support

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