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Web Interface and/or Remote Admin console?


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Hello all, a quick question.  We have everything up and running, this is just wishful thinking.

Is there any way to remotely launch the smart deploy console (vs being on the physical server).  IE a web interface or remote console that can be installed on a workstation?

My logic is this... I have helpdesk staff that should be able to use the smart deploy console, however do not need to be on the WDS server.  I'm trying to simplify their workflow to deploying images.  A permission level that allows only for image deployment, group creation, etc would be extremely helpful.

If the feature doesn't exist, is there a road map for it?




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Hi Mike,

A remote/web interface feature is not implemented into the product. Currently, there is nothing on the roadmap to change this.

You can however install the SmartDeploy tools on as many machines as you would like without any licensing issues since licenses are based on deployments, not tool installations. 

So, essentially, you could install the tools on another machine and just give them access to that server if you don't want them accessing the WDS role.


SmartDeploy Support

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Sorry to pile on to this topic I'm new and looking into SmartDeploy... if the SmartDeploy console is installed/configured in one machine, say tech 1 for example. Later, the console is installed on tech 2's machine. Is tech 2 going to have all configurations avaialble done by tech 1? This would be assuming that the reference VMs are on another (hyper-v) server that is accessible by both techs. I guess what I'm trying to ask is if each SmartDeploy console install is mutually exclusive. Or is there a way to configure SmartDeploy so that all installs of the console see the same thing?

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