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Capturing GUID partition table disk

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Hello - for various reasons to long to mention here, i have 2 vmdk's created by a non Smart Deploy trained user. Ive brought these into VM Workstation. On trying to capture the image, i get an error 'Capturing guid partiton table virtual disks is not currently supported'


IS there anyway around this? Either via Smart Deploy or VMworkstation 12 ? Im not able to convert the vm disk to mbr as its a system disk. If i change the VM to boot to BIOS, this fails, as mbr cant be found, Only boots to EFI.

Any idea's ? Do i have to rebuild my images - hope not . . . .


Windows 10 image

VMWorkstation 12

Smart Deploy 2.0.2050

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Unfortunately, SmartDeploy does not support capturing UEFI virtual machines. SmartDeploy supports deploying via BIOS or UEFI, just not capturing UEFI so you will have to recreate the VM.


SmartDeploy Support

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(Passing thru) - I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) as long as you boot UEFI and setup, you're golden. If you're trying to set up the disk for GPT, shift+f10 (diskpart, convert GPT) after language selection. I haven't checked GUIDs, but my boots show up as UEFI (didn't have to do anything fancy VM - just add programs and capture)

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I guess this is also why I am receiving this error with the Windows 10 Secure Host Baseline v10.1.0.

SmartDeploy sees the Virtual Disk partitions in both the VMWare and VirtualBox 5 reference images I made, all of them, but for some reason I consistently get the error:

"Unable to locate a system volume. At least one volume needs to contain an installation of Windows. Unable to continue. (Code: 1)

Just trying to get a working deployment method with DVD/BluRay for a closed system.

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