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No Platform Packs for modern machines


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Why are there no platform packs for so many modern machines?  For example, I have many Intel NUC5i5RY models with 16GB RAM and SSD drives, that will happily run Windows 10 and are supported however,I cannot use Smartdeploy to deploy to these because the only platform packs are for Windows 7 (so with no platform back, after network deployment starts and the machine loads SmartPM it has no network and thus cannot deploy). This is just one example of the limits we are running into with this software. Support is frequently not helpful and seem like they are just in a hurry to get you off their back.  

Anybody else having similar issues?

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Platform packs are created based entirely upon customer request.  If you are a customer, you can submit a platform pack request here.

Please note that packs are created based on your support level, and the associated platform pack creation tiers.  Intel NUC is Tier 2, so depending on your support level they're may or may not be a small fee to create the pack.

If you have any other issues do please contact us directly, support @ smartdeploy.com.  We take great pride in our product and our support, and look forward to resolving any issues you may have.


SmartDeploy Support Team

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