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Windows 10 Creator's Update Sysprep fail on deployment

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Today I started attempting to draft my first Windows 10 Creator's Update image. I downloaded the ISO from Microsoft. I usually create my VM in Hyper-V 1st generation. I decided to start as simple as possible with my image just to make sure I could deploy the literal basic install of the new version of Windows 10. So I left the VM disconnected from any network and simply installed Windows 10 Creator's Update successfully. Everything was fine.

I then booted my VM to the SmartDeploy .ISO capture/deploy environment and successfully captured the .WIM to a network drive.

After the .WIM was captured I stayed in the SmartDeploy .ISO capture/deploy environment and began to deploy the image I had just captured from the VM to the VM.

The deployment finishes and the VM restarts to begin Sysprep but fails with the message I am attaching as an image to this post.

(I will also attach the log the Sysprep error message refers to)

After closing that message the VM restarts into Windows and I can see the login screen- then suddenly the screen just goes black and stays that way indefinitely. I can CTRL+ALT+DEL and that functions, but basically Windows is just broken and not going to work for real.

TLDR has anyone else tried to make a Windows 10 Creator's Update image yet? I would love any tips to make this work. OR is there something actually happening here to prevent me from making an image of the new update?

Sysprep error.png


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Microsoft added some new AppX packages, and it’s causing issues with SmartDeploy and how we handle sysprep. We are working on a fix but it will take another new release of SmartDeploy, which should be out very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience

 If you use Windows 10 1607, you should be able to deploy without issue. 


SmartDeploy Support

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The new update is available that should fix creator's update sysprep error. You can download it here:

Download the new version here and recreate your boot media via the Media Wizard and attempt to deploy again. We only send notifications for big releases and this is one of our smaller releases. The SmartDeploy console should show you that there is an update available in the top right corner as well.


SmartDeploy Support

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